Sherwood Pt I – Thailand
Karen Anne Summerfield
Copyright July 2005

“You’ve all been told the problem, now let me hear some suggested solutions,” Mark Lancet asked his staff. The twelve people gathered in the secure conference formed the top command of the super secret, US government agency known only as ‘Unit 17’. As far as the Congress knew, they were part of the NSA; as far as the media and American people knew … well, they didn’t. Certainly, only a very few at the very top of the US Government knew of their true mission and it was almost never discussed, even among them.

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Sherwood is a story series beginning with a recently transitioned T girl, Erica. She works for a secret US government agency and is sent to Thailand to attempt to locate a British Royal who has disappeared there. The agency induces her to accept the dangerous assignment by offering a sex change and all the ‘goodies’ most other T girls can only dream of.

I hope you enjoy the first instalment – Thailand.

Ta-ra, fer a bits,
Erstes Dienstmädchen Karen Anne

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